The Democratic Order Of People (DOOP). 

DOOP has risen from the ashes of the elven empire of the first age of this realm.  The DOOP realm is located across the sea west of the the Sword Coast.  The original pioneers of the north shore were elves looking for new lands to control and create more wealth for themselves.  The southern shores were first populated by runaways, fugitives, and pirates.  Some came to seek adventure, others because they heard stories on a new world to rebuild their lives, and some found themselves lost due to navigational errors or bad weather knocking them off course while attempting to navigate the Sea of Moving Ice. 

Tensions started early when the indigenous people came into contact with these new cultures and new 'rulers'.  The dwarves who have lived in the northern mountains for ages found them self limited in their movement and mining rights.  The dragonborn were originally treated fairly and paid well as scouts, guides, and craftsmen since they knew the low lands and had been working the land for years before the elves came.  The dwarves and dragonborn had long standing alliances that the elves neither understood or cared about.  Then there are the orcs…

The orcs reside in the mountainous and forested areas of the south western plains.  The orcs don't interact much with most people. Some orc towns are more aggressive than others, some will talk to trusted friends, and half-orcs other will be hostile to everyone who isn't a true orc.