The players entered the games one at a time.  Cradenza (Matt Coleman – NPCed by DM) left Arrakeen just after the the late night impromptu show for the super-fans.  Nadir (Aaron) the life coach monk met with Credenza by Arrakeen's service road mostly land shipping and receiving a good covert avenue for a late night escape.  Immediately after the two closed the door they hear a scuffle around the corner.  Nadir sends Credenza to go check out what the commotion is but the DM rolls a one on the stealth check and knocks over some barrels and fell down.  Nadire holds back to wait and see how this pans out.  The noise reveals its self as a murderous mob consisting of elves and half-elves who work around the city who just killed the guards and are now trying to recruit Credenza to work for them as a Dragonborn figurehead to help keep the native population under control.  Nadire approaches, Credenza starts a fight, both are knocked out and taken captive.

Tauric (Ben) and Windbreaks (Lucas) leave Arrakeen in the middle of the night.  As the physical and mental support representative for the festival they thought it best to go to Cardassia to greet the festival goers that are being re-routed there.  On the way they come accross a tree that is down in the middle of the road.  They approach the tree and hear a noise on the other side the look over to see a goblin/bugbear scouting party.  They decide to bail through the trees and play their luck in the woods.

Nyx (Gina) and Lir (Chris) are walking through the woods headed to Arrakeen looking for Lir's cousin Edric.  They have been in the woods for days and have not heard of the scheduling change.  They come upon an odd hole in the ground while Nix keeps watch Lir investigated the hole #ipokeitwithmysword.  Davril (Andrew) has been hunting a goblin and sees these characters how clearly need help.  Davril very sneakily walks up behind Lir and introduces himself #thatsmyhole #don'tpokeit.  Tauric and Windbreaks crash through a thick bush and the characters decide to join forces because there is a group of enemies chasing them.  The group makes an attempt to hold their ground but decide to bail when they see the the orcs, bugbears, and ogre that arrive.  Davril is the first to flee and in his haste falls through one of these traps and disappears, the rest of the characters follow suit.

Once in the hole they are dumped into a large cave full of rats and Nadir.  Early attempts at talking and reasoning fail due to the cripplingly low intelligence of a rat.  Further attempts involved killing every rat they see.  The room was rigged to send more rats every time the characters were not quiet enough.  Eventually Davril finds and climbs the stairs learning these rats won't climb the stairs.  As the players one by one look toward the tall stone pillar in the middle of the room, they see a large switch.  Windbreaks lassos the base of the switch and attempts to climb up, he instead rolls low, slips and is left dangling from the rope.  Davril takes aim and fires an arrow at the switch, the arrow hits hard and the switch moves.  The door to the room opens the remaining rats flee in fear.

The session breaks here.  The players are scattered about the room and all level up to level 2.  We learned you can dash as an action, running twice your distance.  You can roll a d20 for almost any reason.  Spells are cool and traps can be useful.  When the DM rolls a dice and doesn't say anything you should be concerned.  



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